The Rasner Institute

Placing dental implants elevates the level of care you provide. They help your patients avoid the many issues surrounding dentures, and save teeth that would otherwise be sacrificed for bridgework. We will cover different treatment modalities, the necessary armamentarium, and a step by step guide to treatment including plenty of slides and video. Each doctor will have a customized schedule tailored to their goals and experience.







This course is offered at two levels

Level 1

This is an excellent option for new surgeons or those with limited experience. All levels of implant surgery demand meticulous protocols. This course is dedicated to instilling a rock-solid foundation. We’ll cover early case selection, recommended fees and scheduling, and a complete blueprint from pre-op consents to post-op guidelines. The surgeries will focus on the type of “everyday” surgeries that you can immediately incorporate. In the clinics we will see:

  • Both guided and freehand placement
  • Concomitant prosthetic cornerstones
  • Simultaneous extraction and implant placement 
  • Two stage surgeries

Level 2

This course is designed for the implant surgeon wishing to gain confidence in advanced implant placement and related surgical procedures. This surgeon is comfortable with flap designs, suturing and other cornerstone surgical tenets. Get some rest before this course! In the clinics we will see:

  • Full arch extraction cases with bone reduction and implant placement of an entire arch
  • Sinus bumps
  • Use of Versah burs
  • Concomitant placement with GBR and PRF procedures

Prior didactic implant training required: Training and experience will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We will discuss any additional required training with you.


16 CE Units


Surgeon: $5200

Observer: $1500


"I never expected to gain this type of experience with live implant training so close to home in NJ. Dr. Rasner has an excellent program with an abundance of scenarios that we tackled in just a two day course. This is a must-see program for a dentist interested in improving their skills in implant dentistry."

Dr. Chris Wright

"I cannot say enough about the Rasner Institute and their implant/ surgical courses. First class experience and truly unique experience for dentists to improve their implant and surgery skills. I’d recommend their courses to anyone."

Dr. Jesse Murphy

"Exceptional hands on experience with advanced surgical, grafting, and implant procedures and techniques. Thank you!"

Dr. Cooper Mitchell