This course provides the long-awaited blueprint for extreme dental success. It is the course your members are looking for. Dr. Rasner combines lecture, visual aids, and plenty of hands-on time to provide the knowledge and experience your members need to bring their new skills home. The most lifelike models available ensure that attendees are prepared to offer these procedures to their patients. Dr. Rasner will also include the case presentation skills and low-cost marketing techniques that marry perfectly with these skills. Below is a brief description of what you can expect in a two-day course. Dr. Rasner can modify this to emphasize a particular aspect that your members are asking about.

In this two day residency, expect to learn:

  • Safe patient selection and red flags
  •  Antibiotic coverage
  •  Oral sedation protocol
  •  Atraumatic extraction techniques
  •  Socket grafting
  •  Review of angiogenesis
  •  Connective tissue grafts
  •  Introduction to surgical implants
  •  Suturing: interrupted, continuous, horizontal & vertical  mattress
  •  Case presentation and fees
  •  Powerful marketing techniques to complement these skills

During the Hands-On Clinic, each doctor will:

  • Demonstrate envelope, three and four
    corner, and split-thickness flap designs
  •  Remove teeth in a number of clinical
    scenarios, including teeth broken to the
    gingiva; teeth adjacent to “delicate” teeth
    (ie. anterior crowns); teeth in lingual
    version; and teeth in crowded dentition
  • Select and demonstrate proficient use of
    appropriate armamentarium (elevators,
    Physics Forceps vs. conventional) to remove
    sectioned teeth
  • Demonstrate the latest recommendations
    for materials, membranes and stabilization
    of grafts
  •  Practice the four necessary suturing techniques